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Environmental Protection
and Public Health

Nursery in Germany

RHIZOTECHNIKI builds installations that protect the Environment and Public Health through actions that are inherent in the process itself:

  • Natural CO2 Capture and Storage
  • Disinfection of pathogen micro-organisms
  • 100 % efficiency without effluent
  • Equilibrium of thermal pollution
  • Legacy of biosphere reserves

Experts in Ecological Wastewater Engineering

Integrating the scientific knowledge of Biology, Ecology, Chemistry and Physics

RHIZOTECHNIKI is a company with world class expertise in natural wastewater treatment and sludge humification (humus production).

offers sustainable wastewater management solutions for the simple domestic household to the most effective and advanced treatment for municipalities and industrial plants (producing the heaviest pollutants such as heavy metals, toxic organic materials, etc.)

implements the Kickuth's "ROOT ZONE METHOD", a German natural wastewater treatment method with sustainable operation. This method is innovative vis a vis other natural methods because of its use of adapted soil -instead of different inert materials or earths- and special strains of reeds (Phragmites australis). 

Only by natural methods, using soil as a bio-reactor, with a self-regulating operation can sustainable solutions for wastewater purification be guaranteed. These methods provide high purification efficiency without any sludge production, without the need for external energy input, resulting in minimal operational costs.

Unlike compact technical systems, RHIZOTECHNIKI provides sustainability and environment protection along with security for public health in wastewater management. (The results of technical systems are harmful for the public health. They are more than obvious in environmental and health scandals worldwide because of the no exit consequences of compact technical systems. Their following negative characteristics are lack of sustainability, high external energy budget, and continuously growing operational costs.)

Only the soil treatment of impurities guarantees their decomposition and therefore environmental and public health protection.

Soil is the biggest and most effective reactor of nature.