RHIZOTECHNIKI provides solutions for the planning and the construction of Root Zone installations.

RHIZOTECHNIKI provides scientific knowledge of the biochemical, edaphological, microbiological and technical processes that take place in the treatment at the Root Zone installations for every specific wastewater problem. From the simple household needs to the most difficult cases

Project Implementation Phases

RHIZOTECHNIKI carries out feasibility studies for
→Estimation of the wastewater's volume and quality
→Estimation of the area's environmental requirements
→Effluent quality requirements
→Reed bed surface requirements

RHIZOTECHNIKI sets in place pilot projects for
→Agricultural and industrial installations
→Determines treatment requirements and subsequent installation design resulting in significant cost-saving or reduction
→This is considered to be the first step for planning and designing of Root Zone installations for treatment of specific wastewater such as animal slurry or industrial wastewater.

RHIZOTECHNIKI determines the specific needs for
Site suitability even with shortage of space or difficult terrain
→On site soil tests and soil analysis
→Preparation of the correct soil mixture that is needed using existing soil as the basis
→Phyto-toxicity control
Producing the adapted strains of reeds for each specific wastewater

RHIZOTECHNIKI provides during the planning phases
→Planning according to the environmental requirements of local authorities
→Production of topographic and architectural plans
→Acquiring the planning, construction and operation's permission
→Installations design
→Project budgeting

RHIZOTECHNIKI surveys every step of installation's construction
→Every Root Zone installation is tailor made

RHIZOTECHNIKI provides technical support for the installation's operation
→The efficiency of a root zone installation is 70-80 % upon construction's completion. After 3 years of development is reaching its full capacity. From then on the plant works self-regulating.

RHIZOTECHNIKI educates the appropriate personnel for the installation's operation.
→Although the plant operation is a simple issue and can be undertaken from no highly qualified personnel, the person in charge must be somebody who is highly responsible and understands every sign of problematic development in the reed bed's "Black-Box" system. This is very important issue in order to react quickly and take safety measures if need it.


A: 18 Th. Siokou St., Athens, 15341, Greece
E: info@rhizotechniki.gr
T: 210 6519659

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