Sustainable Installation's Operation

All treatment steps in only one installation providing economy of costs, energy and space

The Root Zone Method harnesses the natural chain reactions of the soil systems. This makes it possible for all wastewater treatment steps to be completed in only one installation. All treatment levels proceed in a Root Zone Bed, whilst conventional systems need different lagoons for each treatment step.


Mechanical Treatment (Pre-treatment)

→Sedimentation, Drying, Disinfection and Humification of solid remains and sludge

Biological Treatment (Secondary Treatment)

→Decomposition of organic and toxic matter from the wastewater (e.g. poly-chlorinated hydrocarbons, paints, phenols)

→Assimilation of biological sludge

Advanced Treatment (Tertiary Treatment)

→Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification of Ammonia compounds

→Elimination of phosphorus compounds

→Incorporation of heavy metals into the soil systems

→Assimilation of biological sludge

Effluent Disinfection (Elimination of pathogenic micro-organisms)

→99,9 % elimination of Coli-bacteria, Salmonella and Viruses

Sludge Humification

→Dewatering, Decomposition of organic matter, Disinfection and Humification of solid remains and sludge


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