Advantages Of Sustainable Operation With The Root Zone Method

Two very important advantages vis a vis the conventional methods
→Operates without any external energy input
→Produces no sludge during the biological treatment

Additional advantages
→Advanced treatment is always included as an integral part of the Root Zone Process
→Self-regulating operation lasting up to 100 years without requiring any machinery
→Low maintenance and regulation
→Stability in effectiveness
→Balancing fluctuations in the pollutants' concentration
→Tolerance in hydraulic loads' fluctuations
→Flexibility in installation's capacity from a small household to a large city
→Durability of up to 100 years
→Low operational costs
→Adaptability. Reed beds can be installed in limited or difficult terrain
→In harmony with the landscape
→Sludge treatment (humification) without incineration, dumping or costly reprocessing


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