Gaea Products S.A, Aigion

Gaea Products S.A, Aigion


Specifications: GAEA is a Greek Company bottling olive oil, packaging olives and exporting them all over the world. The company managers have chosen the Root Zone technology for wastewater cleaning because of its sustainable operation. The treatment plant doesn't consume any fossil fuels, nor need any external energy input and operates self-regulating.

The company's wastewater belongs among the most difficult kinds of industrial effluent, which the Root Zone technology can easily deal with. The high efficiency in cleaning the chemical load has been registered in chemical analysis results, which exceed the authorities requested data. The Root Zone system is flexible and can easily deal with fluctuations occurring in the wastewater hydraulic and chemical loadings.

Presentation of the system in "KATHIMERINI" newspaper Issue October 2001 (in Greek)

Technical Characteristics:

Unit's daily flow: 15,0 m3/d

Size of the ROOT ZONE plant: 350 m2

Construction's year: 2001

Input COD-loading: 1600 mg/l

Output COD-loading: 60 mg/l (data required 120 mg/l)


A: 18 Th. Siokou St., Athens, 15341, Greece
T: 210 6519659

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