Palmie Catering, Avlonas, Attica

Palmie Catering, Avlonas, Attica


Specifications: The factory PALMIE CATERING is a production unit for catering and restaurant products based in the Athens suburb industrial area. Its Root Zone plant has been constructed in 2007. The Root Zone plant of the PALMIE CATERING production unit incorporates both the mechanical and the biological treatment in one treatment plant, providing not only excellent wastewater cleaning but also a natural fertilizer for the unit's garden.

The mechanical treatment takes place in the first humification Root Zone lagoon. All the wastewater is collected in this area by natural flow directly from the kitchens. Here sedimentation of the solid matters takes place. The solid matters are kitchen remains and processed liquids such as oils, sauces, creams and milk remains. On the surface of the humification Root Zone lagoon they get disinfected, they dry and humificate.

The liquids biological treatment takes place in the second Root Zone lagoon. Immediately after its operation began the Root Zone plant was surveyed by the Agricultural University of Athens. Its high efficiency results were presented at the 8th Hydrogeological Conference, in October 2008, Athens. (see the presentation below)

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Technical Characteristics:

Unit's daily flow: 10 m3/d 

Size of the ROOT ZONE plant: 500 m2

Construction's year: 2007

Input COD-loading: 2500 mg/l 

Output COD-loading: 60-100 mg/l (data required 120 mg/l)


A: 18 Th. Siokou St., Athens, 15341, Greece
T: 210 6519659

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